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Training is a must if you have an Akita. An untrained Akita is a danger so take training seriously. This big powerful dog is not afraid to throw its weight around if it thinks it can get away with it. Start training when the Akita is a puppy and reinforce the training throughout its life.

You need to incorporate training into the dog's daily routine as well as setting aside times for specific training. The Akita is a very intelligent dog and will soon become bored. Consider this and make training sessions short, about fifteen minutes long. It's better to have three fifteen minute sessions a day than one long session.

It is vital that the Akita respects and accepts you as the pack leader. There can be no room for doubt about this. The Akita's natural instincts are to dominate. If it senses doubt about your ability to lead the pack, it will take over. If that happens your life will not be easy with the dog. The last thing you want is a war of wills with an adult Akita.

Your Akita must not only be trained to respect you but it must respect all other members of the family as well. It is naturally protective of members of its pack and will always defend any member who it feels is under attack. You must train the Akita to respect the family and that not all strangers and dogs are enemies.

The Akita is dog aggressive by nature and does not mix well with other dogs, especially male dogs. Extensive socialization training is required if you are to take the Akita into public parks where other dogs are. Again, begin this when the Akita is a puppy if possible. You must train the Akita to accept other dogs are not a threat and should not be attacked for no reason.

Your Akita will also need training to stay within its boundaries. If it spends most of the day in a garden for example, it must be trained not to leave the area. The last thing you want is your Akita leaving its garden when you are not around. You will be surprised at how fast the Akita will respond to good firm but fair training. Once you have the dog trained, you will have a loyal protective member of the family for its life. The effort required to train an Akita is well worth the payback. So don't neglect the training.

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Training Your Akita

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This article was published on 2010/03/29