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If you think of some terrier temperament with feisty, bossy, scrappy, intelligent, independent and energetic character, you must be thinking of the jack Russell Terrier. The well bred and the trained one are friendly among the people but they can turn into aggressive hot headed if they see any of the strange dogs around and will scrap upon the pit bull too. They are the foremost hunting dog with traits and skill for hunting and often are interpreted as bad habit that cause in abandoning them.

So concerning about the training the jack Russell terrier, it requires a long term commitment for obedience, activity and exercise. Their unique character and the unlimited energy level will undoubtedly can entertain you during happy time as well as can frustrate you if you are not happy. Training is essential as considering them to control the household. Even a simple training can teach them about the social hierarchy in your family that you are the boss.

Training also reinforce positive and special bond between the owner and the dog. Being a packed animal there is nothing rewarding for them in fulfilling their role. So for this here are some basic tips to train your jack Russell.

1. The training session should start when the puppy comes home for the first time. Earlier the training, the more effective and enduring the training will be. Even they basically learn at the small age.

2. During the training don't let them think themselves as the leader of the pack. If it be in play or in the general training time be the dominant member. If not then your jack Russell will assert itself as the head of the pack. This should not be let happen.

3. Consistency is another aspect that is important while training the pet. Rewards and the punishments should never be changed at any kind of environment.

4. Positive reinforcement techniques are the best tool you can use while training your dog. Reward the good habits and ignore the bad one if possible.

5. Socialization is the other aspect of the training. Make your dog socialize with adults and children as well as with other dogs too.

6. Your voice is the main tool while training your dog and they will only listen to one of the particular voice at a single time. Maintain a pitch contour while teaching your dog with different commands.

7. Bed manners are the major training you can give to your dog. Don't let your terrier to snap with you in your bed. This is somehow a dominant behavior.

8. When you leave your pet on their own give them one of your jumpers worn out. Also you can leave a warm bottle of water or the tickling clock in their bed to comfort them simulating the heart of their mother.

9. Don't leave more than two Jack Russell in same place as they are more aggressive to other animal. Hence while ">training Jack Russell Terrier, these simple point should be noticed.

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Training Jack Russell Terrier

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This article was published on 2010/10/03