Training a Dachshund not to Bark at Everything

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Training a Dachshund may be more difficult as compared to many other dogs' breed but it is not something impossible or near to it. They are much stubborn breed in habit and with a lot of barking at almost every movement around them. Sometimes training a Dachshund may cost a lot more than you expect because it depends on the age of the dog; when you train a puppy dachshund is much easier than training a Dachshund which is more elder in age. As the dog grows it gets harder day by day to train him and to make him obedient.

Here are some main some key tricks to be kept in mind while training a dachshund not to bark at everything:

  • When you are training a dachshund it doesn't matter what kind of training it is but the thing to remember always is as they are stubborn so, they take little bit more time than expected to be trained as you want. Be patient and don't ever try to hurry in training a dachshund.
  • Try to be as much as friendly you can during training because they are stubborn and you can't train them if you go hard on them instead they will get worse than before.
  • Your main objective should be; try to bring it under your full control. Once brought under control then you can teach it anything as it will obey any way.
  • If you teach anything then the dachshund obeys you; try to reward it with some of its favorites. E.g. it can be some snack or its favorite meal.
  • If it continues on barking at someone or something then order "No" or "No Barking" or "Stop" and if still continues barking hold it in your arms and at last you can cover it with something to deny its vision.
  • It is impossible to make a dachshund not to bark at all. After all it is a dog and dogs should bark sometimes but not always. If it barks few times seeing something or someone new then it is normal but it barks at extreme then that should be brought under control.


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Training a Dachshund not to Bark at Everything

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    Ann- 2011/01/14 23:20:25 pm

    How about if we let our dog socialize with the other dogs? Our dogs were trained to be with a lot of people and dogs in the park. I remember my Grandpa's dog who barks at anything because he only stays at home. And that should not be the case.

This article was published on 2011/01/10