The rising popularity of strongman

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Strong man events are becoming more popular throughout the UK. More and more people are changing the way they train, to improve themselves as strength athletes. I welcome this as strongman is something I love. It offers the chance for someone to grow, lifting more, pulling something further, getting more repetitions out in a set time. Here are three reasons why I think strongman is becoming a bigger sport.

1. A lot of people find that they are not inspired by having to do lots of reps when they work out. Many gym patrons hit a mental block where they no longer gain any strength, or do any more reps. As soon as people cut down on the reps and work on lifting more weight, usually doing four sets of five reps, they see, most of the time within a month, dramatic improvements to the amount they can lift. By lifting more, many people feel that they are actually making progress with their training, and this actually encourages them to continue to push to break personal best records, and be the strongest. The fact that strongman training also encourages the athlete to be able to have some amount of mobility, and ability to rep out for a period of time with a weight, it is also good for peoples health.

2. Because many people go to the gym to get stronger, maybe to help with their confidence, or perhaps to achieve a goal of lifting a particular weight, the way strongmen train becomes very appealing. Very quickly good gains become addictive, and these are achieved from keeping reps under five, and continually trying to add more weight. Gym patrons then quickly get to feel good about achieving a particular goal. This keeps them interested in keeping up their efforts.

3. There is a great deal of camaraderie between strength athletes. Strong friendships can form as quickly as strong muscles. Everyone is keen to see someone lift that bit more, or push out one more rep. This can make training a very positive affair, with plenty of encouragement offered from those who you could well end up competing against. Plenty of advice is available regarding better form when lifting, or better supplements for effiecient muscle development. I have never struggled to find someone to spot me as I lift or squat. There is a strong bond between everyone training, we are all trying to get stronger.

With television showing many different competitions, the whole sport is growing a fanbase, both in the Uk and around the world. Many people get to see the colourful characters who take part in these events. The people who head to the gym to get fit have very little interest in training for strongman. Those who want to get stronger, and there are a great deal of people who do, and find power lifting a bit boring, find strongman gives them the gains they want, and a sport they enjoy feeling part of.

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The rising popularity of strongman

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The rising popularity of strongman

This article was published on 2012/06/28