The 1st two to go are

in Training

You've probably heard the old adage - the first two expense items to go are travel and training.

As many pundits, consultants and experts there are is the same number of opinions on these issues; especially for small business in tough financial times. When money gets tight, the first 2 things to go are travel and training.

However, with technology a lot of travel and training need not be as expensive as it used to be. Customer meetings can be accomplished with virtual meeting software using sites as Zoho, Mikogo and GoToMeeting. Some of these sites are free or at minimal cost. (Really, no one likes to travel by plane much these days anyway.) Depending on your firm's needs, virtual meetings can be extremely simple and cheap to set up and run or you can invest in some high end equipment and software in order to pull off some really sophisticated meetings. The savings in time, money and hassle will be realized in a relatively short amount of time.

This same technology can be used for training. Whether it's one or hundreds of students, online services such as remote support and virtual meetings can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the end client. We ourselves offer our ACT! CRM training via the Internet for clients who cannot or don't want to travel.

Online meeting software allows the attendees to "raise their hands" so to speak in order to ask questions or get clarification. The content of the training session can be recorded and played back later at the leisure of the student. And just as there is interaction between students at a live training session, all attendees at a virtual session can view the questions as they are being asked.

When we train one-on-one we'll use remote support software, such as Zoho, to take control over a client's computer. This benefits the student since they're in front of their own machine and are using their own copy of ACT! and their own data. Interaction is accomplished through the software's ability to let either party take control of the keyboard and/or mouse. Over the phone, questions can be answered and specific needs can be addressed.

So the days of "ash-canning" travel and training during tough economic times can be eliminated.

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The 1st two to go are

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This article was published on 2011/05/05