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Each time I go through a potty training experience with one of my children, I typically write a series of articles on this subject. With each child, I have new and fresh things to say to other parents because I find I learn something new with each child that goes through the process.

First let me say that I refer to it as a process because that's precisely what it is. Each child is unique and will go through this process in a different time and different way but all children are born predisposed to learn eventually. Our job as parents is to guide them in the right direction and help them learn more quickly and with healthy habits.

That being said, I have now learned that motivation goes a long way in helping your child get potty trained. The child needs to have sufficient motivation for making this change in his or her life. Think about it for a moment: all he has ever known from his earliest memory is diapers. Now you're asking him to do something different, something uncomfortable and something that may seem a bit silly.

You also need to remember that up to this point, bladder and bowel movements have been involuntary for your child. He may not even be aware of the fact that he can control these functions. For his whole life, it has been like breathing- it just happens.

Now that he is learning he can -and should- control such functions, it is your job to teach and motivate him to do so in a healthy, hygienic manner. This is why potty training motivation is such an important tool.

Here are some ways you can create potty training motivation for your child:

· Praise him often for any efforts

· Do not get angry or punish for accidents

· Sing a potty song

· Make up a potty story or poem

· Read books or watch movies about potty training

· Use a potty training chart

· Allow role play with a doll or favorite stuffed animal

· Ensure the whole family is supportive

· Give stickers or small prizes for potty training successes

· Always keep the experience positive

With proper potty training motivation, patience, support and guidance from you, your child can learn to use the toilet and will also learn positive self esteem and a feeling of accomplishment and success that he will carry with him for the rest of his life.

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Potty Training Motivation

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This article was published on 2010/04/03