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Papillons are comparatively easy breed when it comes to training. They have plumed tails that whorl over their backs and adorable butterfly ears that can either be drooping or erecting. They have multicolored coats that are silky and long while their eyes are round and dark. Generally, the life expectancy of Papillon is fourteen to sixteen years.

If you want to bring a Papillon in your home for a pet, then be sure that you adopt it from a reputable and a trusted breeder who can give you detailed genealogical history for your Papillon puppy. Good breeding is very important for good health. As these dogs are prone to some problems such as fontanel, hind leg problems kneecap and some other diseases, you must take them to the vet and give them important vaccines as soon as possible. Training should also begin early to make training easier and effective.

Respect Training

If you are not being able to assert yourself as the master to your Papillon, then he will take that position for himself. Once he feels himself as the leader, then it completely becomes difficult to train your Papillon. So, be the leader in front of him from the first day you bring him home. Don't use harsh methods to dominate him like grabbing him by scruff and yelling at him. Just get his respect and not his fear. Instilling fear in his mind means making him abnormal dog with abnormal attitudes and behaviors. So, use positive methods for getting his respect.


Socialization is the most important part of Papillon training. If they are not socialized, then they are likely to be skittish and awfully timid around strangers. They may even bite to unknown people because of fear and nervousness. So, to avoid this problem, socialize your Papillon from the early age. Take them with you for short car rides, interact them with many people, pets and other animals. Let them explore different types of surroundings, sights and sounds. Get them used to with natural happenings like rain, thundering, etc. This way, they can be socialized and become a well-tempered and a well-behaved dog.

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Papillon Training

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This article was published on 2010/11/12