Effective Solutions for Diversity Problems

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The organization must carry out professional training of all the employees that's assists in get along together as equals who are striving to accomplish the organization's goal. Only when the employees are able to interact with each other with mutual feelings of respect will the working environment truly flourish.

It is the duty of the organization to bring it to the employees notice that the problem of discrimination is not just confined to a specific company but in fact expands throughout the industry. Once the employees have been made aware of the extent of the problem and its common existence, then the need to educate them the best operational practices arises. Through this education, they will come to know how the topmost organizations are dealing with diversity problems. Any employee attempting to solve the diversity issues should be highly praised in front of others, so they can see that such an attitude receives positive response from the management.

In organizations, the 'dominant group' is the one that makes up the majority of the employees possessing common diverse characteristics. The 'subordinate group' is the one that is the minority possessing the common diverse characteristics. To make these two groups exist in harmony with each other, the organizations can carry out carefully designed training workshops that assist in forming stronger relations and therefore enhance organizational performance and productivity.

During these training sessions, have one leader each from the dominant and subordinate group. These leaders can model the ideal behavior to show to fellow trainees. If the workshop training is started by praising diversity champions, this will motivate the other employees to model their behavior after them and make the purpose of the training easier and quicker. Ensure to study, investigate and solve both the dominant and diverse group prejudices. Favoritism shown to diverse group will only create more negative feelings amongst the dominant group. While addressing to this problem, the trainer must ensure that he does not go off the topic of diversity but remains to the problems specific to workplace. Highlight those mutual characteristics that exist in both the parties, and their will be many. These commonalities will help them get on better with each other. Such programs and trainings must be influential on the work masses. By the end of the workshop, rules must be formed that are unacceptable to both the parties.

If these rules are followed and respected throughout the organization, the chances of a happier working body will rise. The performance outcome of the workers will increase and the company will be able to generate more productivity. It will lead itself to being a topmost categorized organization. There, it is a strong need of every organization and company to manage its diversity issues in a proper way. This can only happen successfully with the passage of time through proper training programs and workshops.

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Effective Solutions for Diversity Problems

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This article was published on 2011/08/02