3 Ways to Use Strongman Training To Gain Muscle

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Strongman training is an awesome way to train for gaining muscle in the fastest time possible. It combines Strength, endurance, and explosiveness all in one complete package.

One of the obvious benefits on strongman training is the equipment is very easily attainable, and can be had for FREE or at bare minimal cost.

I discovered this style of training after attending a seminar with NAS Strongman champ Tom Mitchell. He put me through a workout and after I was just spent, my body was sore in places I had never felt before and at that point I knew this training has a place in my quest for gaining muscle.

So Here's a list of Benefits:
-Equipment is FREE to obtain or bare minimum cost
-Unlimited variations of exercises
-Gives you a big mental edge
-they train your body to function in a unstable environment
-Gives you a huge mental edge over your other competitors
-Develop usable strength not just pretty muscle

Here are some of my favorite exercises to get you started:

1) Tire flips- Tires can be had for free by calling up your local tire yard and asking for them. They are a great fullbody exercise that works the posterior chain to the fullest as well as developing extreme mental confidence.

2) Farmers Walk- Is another great fullbody exercise that will pack on massive amounts of size to your legs arms and upper back like no other exercise I've ever seen. Farmers walks can be obtained by using 2 heavy dumbbells and carrying them for long distances.

3) Sandbag Loading- This exercise is awesome for developing explosive power and is great for athletes all you do is fill a bag with sand and lift it to a high platform.

As you can see these pieces of equipment can be had for very little cost and have a a huge carryover in packing on muscle size and levels of strength you just cant achieve by staying in your local gym.

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3 Ways to Use Strongman Training To Gain Muscle

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This article was published on 2010/03/28